Working together

Spontaneous co-operation

A group of boys who often struggled to be friendly to one another were all drawn to the mound of composted pine bark at the back of the garden. Bamboo tepees had been made for plant supports and a number of bamboo poles were left over. Over the course of several weeks these boys came to the garden and created a space with various found objects including the bamboo. Initially there were some 'ownership' challenges but with minor support the boys all agreed to some basic rules which enabled them to work together to create this play space. The boys called it Circle of Peace after a martial arts film and they encouraged each other to 'go into the zone'. 

Critical (critter) thinking and problem solving

These boys noticed that something was digging in the sweet potato patch and eating the tubers. They were keen to work out a solution so after some discussion around the bed they headed to the garden shed where they found some posts, roll of snake wire and some ties. Within the 45 minute garden class they had identified a problem, worked together to come up with a plan and used found materials to implement a solution.

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