Essential elements of a successful Kitchen Garden program.

  • General Capabilities. Facilitate the review of your Kitchen Garden program to strengthen links to curriculum with an inclusive focus on students with specific learning requirements.
  • Engaging and working with your community. Develop protocols to increase volunteer participation and wider community engagement.
  • Financial resilience. Develop with you a social enterprise model for ongoing income generation through micro-business to finance kitchen garden consumables.


Workshops for adults

"Thank you very much for inviting me to speak at your workshop last Thursday. As always, your organisation was impeccable, and stamped with your usual smooth running and punctual trademark.

It was an absolute treat to hear Heather, Rob and Trudy speak, and it was obvious that the attendees also greatly appreciated your relevant selection of speakers. I also enjoyed talking with my soil group very much and remain inspired by the incredibly valuable work done by you in teaching children how to grow food.

It would be my pleasure to work with you again in the future, anytime I may be of assistance." 

Leanne Harper

Home Soil Solutions



Experience in schools

Robyn Cook has worked in primary schools for over ten years.  Six years working directly with primary school students, teachers and volunteers in the garden and kitchen and four years with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.
During her SAKGF years Robyn supported 25 Queensland schools and travelled throughout Australia training and supporting more than 600 school Principals, teachers and parents to develop their SAKG programs.


  • Start where you are

  • Use what you have

  • Do what you can

Close your eyes for a few moments and recall a happy childhood memory.