Skills in the kitchen

Using fresh garden produce in the kitchen immerses children in a sensory experience of sight, sound, touch, aroma and taste of food they have grown.  

Knife handling lessons are not just for children. Often is the case that volunteers also need to brush up on how they use knives. Sharp knives are good knives so proper use is a vital skill that children learn under supervision and practice at every kitchen session by slicing, dicing, shredding and chopping fresh garden produce.

Children and adults work together to create various dishes which are shared by all; students and adults around a homely table filled with conversation and good will.

Kitchens are dynamic spaces where children are actively reading, understanding, selecting, preparing, cooking, serving, sharing, eating and cleaning. The reward of a simple but delicious selection of foods is nourishing and great fun for all.


nutrition : fresh : produce : maths : reading : comprehension : procedure : cutting : hygiene : safety : cuisine