Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by Robyn Cook, The Kitchen Garden Teacher and the content on this page came into effect on 4th August 2016. 

Our server will collect basic information from you when you look through my website including which pages you visited, date and time of your visit and your server's address (IP). I am also using Google Analytics which also gathers information about how you visit my website. You can read Google Analytics Privacy Policy here

By contacting me via email I will have collected your name and email address which will be kept in my database. I understand that you already suffer email fatigue so I will only use your email address to correspond with you where we are engaged in current or followup business. At this stage I don't intend to have a newsletter so you won't be put on a list and I promise not to spam you. I also promise that your information will not be intentionally shared with any other organisation or business.

If you do not wish me to hold your email address just let me know and I’ll remove you from my database.

Overall I totally respect your right to privacy and I will do all I can to ensure our internet business is conducted with integrity.

Copyright and Sharing

I state my right to be acknowledged as the copyright holder to all the content (apart from links to external sites or where otherwise noted) on The Kitchen Garden Teacher website. I'm certainly okay for you to share my blogs to social media but please share in their entirety or acknowledge where they came from.


Unless otherwise stated, all content on The Kitchen Garden Teacher was written by Robyn Cook and is based on my experiences working in educational settings. I have found that sharing stories of how educational centres experience their kitchen garden facilities and programs can be inspiring for others to see how they may implement their own kitchens, gardens and programs.

I have put some links to external websites. I have no control over the content on those sites but I have chosen them very deliberately and with care so they are educative, informative and inspiring. If you are concerned then please don't use those links.


At this point in time I do not receive any payment from any business to promote or endorse their products. If I mention a particular product on The Kitchen Garden Teacher website then it is simply because I feel it is worth mentioning.

and finally

I feel strongly that we can all benefit from growing and eating fresh vegetables and fruit and I offer the information on this website and as part of my services in good faith and believe that we are all working towards the same goal which is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our children, ourselves and our wider communities. If you have any specific questions then please give me a call.