What to grow; how, where and when

What is cooked in the kitchen should be based on what is growing in the garden rather than what you saw on Masterchef last week. Except for those extreme weather locations food is grown all around the world. Here is an opportunity to look to other countries and discover what foods grow in your climate zone and how you can adapt to a future of changed climate conditions.

Garden design is your first step to success and gardens in schools have different requirements to commercial or home gardens. Gardens can be messy places but with a clear structure your gardens will be beautiful child-welcoming spaces full of the wonder of life. 

We are growers of soil and the soil grows the food. There are no tricks or luck when it comes to growing food. Applied knowledge will guarantee success and this knowledge is available. 

What to grow is the next step. Seasonality is vital. Start with only those foods that have multiple uses and are robust. Grow more as you build capacity.

Compost : Irrigation : Pest and disease management : Bed location : Seasonal planting : regular activities