Building financial resilience in schools

Your school kitchen and gardens are assets and can be used to build financial resilience. Work with the students to research and develop saleable items within your curriculum framework outcome targets. By establishing micro-business models, students understand the basics of how to start and run a small business. 

Industrial waste products into sales
Ten 15 litre vinegar drums destined for the bin were rescued from a food manufacturer and taken to school where spritely child-led group discussions about the properties of the drum, what it had been used for and how it could be repurposed. The drums were turned into worm farms, the children created a How to care for your worms fact sheet and the worm drums were sold for $15.00 each. Worms were sourced from existing worm farm and the bedding/food was from the garden. 

Fresh garden produce sales
The easiest step you can take to generate income is to offer surplus produce for sale. A bowl of veggies on the staff room table or a fully fledged market stall. 

Seed saving
An exercise in English, procedural text, following instructions, art, maths. All wrapped up in a little package that can be sold or given as thank you gifts.

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