Community connections


Inviting your community to attend or participate in events before you ask them to volunteer is an effective way to excite people with the vision and success of your kitchen garden program. 

When a local bank donated $1000 the school used the funds to purchase a $750 pizza oven kit from Rockcote and invited Bob Cameron, the CEO to run a workshop. The workshop attracted 10 people willing to pay $75.00 each for the opportunity to build the oven using clay, straw, water and fire bricks. A volunteer made a delicious lunch from the garden and everyone was a winner. 

Jeff Michaels from Green Harvest is a long time supporter of organic gardens in schools. Jeff was delighted to help me plant this avocado tree at the launch of the Chevallum School's Salad Central Kitchen Garden Program. Seven years later and that tree is happily producing fruit and providing shade for the children's playground.


Pizza oven workshop with Bob Cameron from Rockcote and tree planting with Jeff Michaels from Green Harvest.